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9 winter veggies for North Texas that tolerate freezing temperatures

Fall has always been a favorite time to garden in Texas, but why stop there? There are quite a few veggies that when planted now yield sweeter, tastier roots, stems or leaves when tended through winter.

The entirety of North Texas sits in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 8a, which means our 30-year average of extreme low temperatures puts us in the range of 10-15 F. Not to say we can’t get much cooler, but most years we know (roughly) what to expect.
Most of our cool season vegetables can handle frosts when temps dip below freezing, while others fare better when protected in a cold frame or row cover for hard freezes. But there’s a select group of crops that are pretty tough, producing through the biting cold and tolerant to temperatures 12 F and below.

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