“Eat the Yard” with these Edible Landscape Plants

Drought, extreme heat or cold, pest and disease can all hinder our best efforts at cultivating fruits and vegetables here in North Texas. In addition to traditional tips on how to overcome these challenges, you’ve branched out to expand your edible palette. What is “eating the yard” all about?

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Go Green AND Save Blue, Even if You Live in an HOA

Seasoned gardeners accustomed to Texas summers and city-imposed watering restrictions might turn their attention to the water-saving practices of rainwater harvesting or the sustainable gardening practice of composting, but in some of the stricter HOAs, these practices weren’t allowed. (Published Wednesday, Aug 29, 2018 | Credit: NBC 5 News)


Over-wintering Veggies in North Texas


As temperatures continue to dip, many gardeners have harvested the last of their tomatoes and peppers for the fall gardening season in North Texas. But you might be surprised that stretching the season — growing some vegetables through winter — is not only possible but also easy.

Much attention is given to spring and fall gardening, but with milder temperatures in our area, not planting a winter crop could be leaving the year’s most delicious vegetables off the table.

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Planting The Right Trees for Texas Arbor Day

In most of the country Arbor Day has been historically celebrated the last Friday in April, but in 2013 Texas declared its own State Arbor day on the First Friday in November.

The main reason is that Fall is a better time than Spring to plant trees in Texas. We have much cooler temperatures so its easier for trees to establish as they are beginning to slow down and go dormant. Then as things begin to warm up in early Spring they kind gently wake up in there new environment for a better transition.

It’s a lot of fun to get even get friends, family and co-workers involved! Whether you’re interested in fruit trees , trees that have awesome flowers, or trees that will provide shade from the Texas heat, now is the right time to plant! The first step is to select a tree that is adapted to our area. We have a great database at WaterUniversity.tamu.edu with our favorite trees to pick from. Its important to pick the right tree for the right spot, so it has enough room to grow and doesn’t interfere by being planted too close to a building or powerlines.

Its also important to pick a healthy tree that’s adapted to our area and to plant it the right way, so it stays healthy over the life of the tree.

Folks should first be sure to remove any tags or wires so they don’t cut into the tree as it grows. Its also important to make sure that the root flare stays visible above ground, so don’t plant the tree too deep, a tree planted slightly above the grade is perfect. Also because most of us have heavy clay soil it’s important to dig a wide hole 2-3 times as wide as the root ball. This will help establish a healthy root system.

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Tips for Growing Herbs in North Texas


Fall is a Great time to plant many beautiful and tasty easy to grow herbs that thrive in North Texas, and with the holidays fast approaching, planting them now gives them time to grow and flourish before harvesting for your favorite dish!

Its hard to believe there’s only six weeks until Thanksgiving! One of my favorite Thanksgiving herbs that will brighten and spice up any Turkey recipe is culinary sage. Not only does it have cool fuzzy gray foliage but it also has beautiful purple blooms that are also edible. Its easy to harvest by just pulling or cutting of leaves whenever you need it for a recipe.

Thyme, and Rosemary , Parsley and Chives are also great herbs for bringing out flavors and aroma of Turkey and dressing.

The best thing about planting perennial herbs that come back year after year is that we can get multiple harvests and it doesn’t take much of the plant to add big flavor to a recipe. Most of these herbs like Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, will still be green throughout the winter holidays to use for Hanukah, Christmas, Kwannza and even through the new year for gatherings with friends and family. AND are not only great for poultry like turkey or chicken, but also really complement lamb or pork dishes as well!

As a horticulturist, I love vegetables and so many vegetable dishes can be improved by using fresh herbs. Try chives, rosemary and thyme with anything potatoes. But really any of our common herbs and a different dimension to dishes with corn, squash, carrots, greens leafy vegetables or can be used as a garnish for a fancy presentation!

Many of these herbs Especially Rosemary , Thyme (and if it doesn’t get too cold, mint) are ALSO great for dressing up and spicing up cocktails or non-alcoholic mock tails throughout the holiday season as well!

Sage, Varigated Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Flat Parsley, Curled Parsley, Lemon Thyme, Oregano, Golden Oregano, Chives, and Mint are readily available at you local nursery or garden center and can be planted now to be used throughout the Holliday season!

AgriLife has a website WaterUniversity.tamu.edu with more info and even free classes taught around DFW and feel free to contact me anytime on social media with plant questions @TXPlantGuy!


Daniel Cunningham shares some tips on growing herbs in the fall season.