Add Some Color to Your Garden this Winter

“As the leaves fall and the summer growth withers under first freeze, there is much dislike about the deep winter. It is as if the land goes monochromatic, with browns, grays and tans to match the short days, low sun angle and melancholy feel. Some turn to light-therapy to counteract the dreariness of the cold season. Or you can get planting.

There are options of color in the cold season that can help brighten your yard during winter. Perhaps the biggest player in this limited selection are pansies. They originated in a cold climate and have been bred to present an incredible range of color. Put these in the ground in tight groups in strategic places in your yard (like next to the front door). When temperatures threaten to get below 20 degrees you can cover them at night with a sheet. If they get cold damage you can trim away some of the dead leaves and flowers and let them start up again.”

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